Simple Interest Payment Calculator Game

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Simple Interest Payment Calculator Game|How to calculate simple interest is the focus of this interesting math game for grade 6. At this level, students are able to measure the return upon investment by using the simple interest investment calculator that this game provides the tips. Through this fun game involving the basic formula of interest, you will master how to calculate interest easily. This is also quite vital as the interest itself is a very common component of finance. This game is designed in a friendly way for you to make your concepts related to a particular topic crystal clear.


 How To Play Game To Calculate Interest 


When clicking on the game link, it opens the game window which has three options. The first is “play” which is used to play the game, the second option is about “how to play” which demonstrates the basic instructions needed to know about the game. The third option is about “other games” if clicked it offers to play other games available on the website. You will see a question that will sort of be like, ‘What is the basic amount that has increased to $700 after 14 years at an interest rate of 5%?’ Don’t worry! The question might seem difficult but it’s not. To begin with, you will convert the percentage which in this case is 5 to decimal form as 0.05. 


Now you will simply add 1 in it and it will become 1.05. Finally, this value will be divided with the amount which is $700. So 700/1.05 will be 666.66 which will be rounded off to the nearest whole number, 667. You will now find this answer amongst the others carried by the balloons. For every correct answer that you give, your score would increase but even a single wrong answer will end the game. Nevertheless, you can surely take another chance. Play this game to put your skills of interest calculation to the test. If this topic is confusing for you then you can make use of this game to develop a stronger comprehension of interest calculation gradually. Kindly check out other math resources Here.

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