Online Math Test And Quizzes From Pre-K To 6th Grade



Follow this link to access math quizzes suitable for Pre-kindergarten students. Fun way to learn basic math skills with well planned quiz set. Excellent interface and easy to navigate. The math topics include counting at the basic level, picture illustrated counting, number recognition, objects shapes, objects sizes and many more.



This link takes you to interactive online math quizzes suitable for Kindergarten children. This is a fun way for kids to acquire basic mathematics skills by taking this well organised quiz platform for nursery school children. The interface is excellent and very easy to navigate through. The page features topics such as subtraction, addition for kindergarten, number ordering, number pattern.


First Grade

Grade 1 math quizzes page contents math quiz topics suitable for 1st grade students. At this stage, class 1 students out of their learning enthusiasm, kids areexposed to newer basic math notions such as applying a logical reasoning to solve math problems. Concepts such as addition word problems are then introduced at this stage, addition of multiples of tens, number comparing


Second Grade

Follow this link to get access to multiple math quizzes for children in nursery school, kids from year one to year six, parents and teachers will find the content very useful. Math topics for grade two include addition of three digits numbers with carrying, number comparing above a thousand, Division basic skill, rounding up numbers and much more. Math learning through quizzes will make the learning process more fun for children.


Third Grade

Third grade math quiz page presents thumbnails and links to access varied math concepts for children in year three, parents and teachers will find math learning contents that will help them teach their children or students in more interesting and fun way. The interface is excellent and quizzes are very well arranged to allow easy navigation. Expected math topics are division, subtraction, decimals


Fourth Grade

At fourth grade, abundant new math concepts will be introduced. Such topics include geometry, volume calculation, complementary and supplementary angles, Triangle area calculation, polygons, rectangle are as well as square area calculation. More advanced version of previously studied math skill will be offered such as multiplication of three digits numbers, pre-algebra and more.


Fifth Grade

Grade five math quiz page focuses mainly on more advanced geometry and number conversion math topics. This page therefore offers quizzes on exponents and power of numbers concepts, and power of numbers, finding the greatest common factors of numbers, as well as inequalities, addition of decimals, and proportions. Click the “go to quiz” button to access the quiz platform.


Sixth Grade

Similarly, grade six math quiz page will reiterate most of the math concepts learned in grade five. By clicking on the go to quiz button, users will access links that will allow them to take quizzes on math topics such as the lowest common factors, quizzes on monthly compound interest, simple interest calculation, wages and salary calculation.

This page features a great collection of free online math quizzes organised in links that lead to various math activities for each specific learning grade. Math activities on this page are addressed to children from pre-kindergarten to 6th grade, some activities require parental supervision to help learners get a good understanding of the math quiz questions in order to provide accurate answers. By clicking on each thumbnail, learners will have access to boundless amount of math quizzes organized in different math skills such as addition math quizzes, subtraction with pictures, illustrated division and multiplication, feedback to every math question is provided immediately at the end of the quiz, so as to allow children understand their mistakes and correct them in the future. Math resources offered in this page are completely free and users are encouraged to share with others or add into their assigment platform on teams or google classroom considering the pandemic context nowadays.

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