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At MathPlay4Kids, we keep a high learning standard for our tutors and students. This is born out of the trust and belief that many parents and educational institutions have in us. We strive to keep up this high standard by providing the best and simplest math learning services to children.

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Our games, worksheets, quizzes, and other learning process doesn’t only introduce your kids to different concepts in math, they also enable children their innate problem-solving skills, which is key to unlocking the different potentials that they have.

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Children that use MathPlay4Kids as their math learning platform are sure to have access to a wider spectrum of learning resources and files. These resources include challenging quizzes, exciting games, worksheets, and many others. All of these resources will help your kids learn basic and advanced math concepts easily.


Educative Online Games For Children

With our selection of games created by educational experts, inspire learning in your kids. Your students will develop fundamental abilities in everything from counting to reading comprehension, fractions to basic addition and subtraction, and much more, with exercises designed for young children in nursery and primary schools. Get rid of the boring lectures and turn study time into a fun journey that your students will want to experience over and over again!

Utilize our extensive selection of possibilities by allowing your child to explore outside of their school level as well. Games for younger grade levels might help your child refine previously mastered abilities and refresh their memories. Next, think about future grades to expose your child to new ideas or give them a greater challenge in a topic they already excel at. You will enjoy watching your child's knowledge increase as they go on the path to becoming lifelong learners, as they will enjoy playing to gain points, win the games, and set high scores.

Your child will love developing fundamental math abilities with the help of our wide selection of free online educational games. Our selection of games will help your child practice the skills they need to succeed, whether they are just beginning their educational journey in preschool or making the leap into seventh grade. Use interactive games to assist young minds in more effective learning new abilities. You may successfully educate young children on the alphabet and numbers by using educational learning games for children. Play engaging activities with the child to practice for improved idea retention.

Young children have a great sense of wonder and are active learners. You may take use of their natural curiosity in the world to provide children with the most enjoyable learning environment. Online games offer the most engaging interactive experience with eye-catching graphics and humorous characters. Monitoring your child's development can occasionally be difficult and daunting. These activities are designed to keep kids engaged and prevent them from getting bored while they are learning. Additionally, engaging rewards and tailored learning for children can increase your students' confidence in their ability to solve mathematical issues. You may give your child a better learning method by using educational learning games.

These free online games supplement the lessons that children are already learning in school. To fully understand the topics that are given in the classroom, children frequently require just a little bit of extra assistance. They can have that and so much more with mathplay4kids. Amazing graphics and age-appropriate information for each grade level and subject are both present in the games. You may relax knowing that your students are practicing and reinforcing new skills while they are having fun playing the games.

We provide a variety of engaging, informative, interactive, and educative online games for kids. We provide a variety of educational activities for kids that foster pleasure while supporting important skills. From first to seventh grade students can use it to boost their confidence when learning new concepts.


This website is an asset for children struggling with their math homework. Our 5 years old kid enjoys playing the educational games offered in the games section. I definitely recommend this website to anyone who has kids.




The worksheets were really useful for my kids. I found them very relevant to my 4th grade kid. Thank you very much.


New Jersey, USA


I can’t Believe all the resources are free on this website. My fifth-grade kid made a lot of progress in math by consulting the content in this website.

Kent W.

Vancouver, Canada


Awesome games to built a solid mental math foundation for kids.


Sydney - Australia