Mean Median Mode Calculation Game 6th Grade

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Mean Median Mode calculator Math Game 6th Grade|This game offers th opportunity for 6th graders to face mean meadian mode range calulator, where they will learn what is the mode as well as the median of data. In this same way, they year 5 children will also lean how to calculate the mode of data. 

Mode, median, and mode are easy concepts that are child's play and are made even easier with this game to practice and polish your math skills. Let’s begin playing and enjoy ourselves to the fullest with this game from mathplay4kids.




Once the game loads, you will be given three options, to “play” so the game starts. “How to play” will state instructions to play and “more games” will give you access to a variety of different math resources by us. When you begin the game, on the top bar, you will be given a question to solve. The question might be to calculate the mode, median, or mean from the numbers given along. Before you start playing, you must know these definitions and principles. For example, the question displayed says to calculate the mean of 2, 2, 4, 5, and 7. Mean is solved by adding all these and you will get 20. Now you will divide 20 by the total number of these values. In this example, you have been given 5 values which are 2, 2, 4, 5, and 7.


 This means you will divide 20 with 5 to get the answer. Mode is the value that occurs the most in the set. In the example given above 2 is the number that appears the most in the set so it is the mode. If the question says to find out the median, you will arrange the values in ascending or increasing order which is smallest to greatest. In the example give, the values have already been arranged in ascending order so you are lucky. Now what you will do is take out the middle value which in this example is 4. The balloons floating on the screen will carry answers and you will click on the balloon carrying your answer. Your score will be piled on the top and you can set music and mute it as well. And with your choice, you can return to the home page by choosing the menu option on the top right along with the music icon. These math concepts are easy and fun, surely you will like them.  Kindly check out other math resources Here.

What Is Mean, Median, And Mode – 6th Grade Math Games – Mathplay4kids