Find The Least Common Multiple Game

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6th Grade Game On Least Common Multiple | what least common multiple | easy math game on least common multiple for 6th graders. This is a game that will teach your kids on how to determine the least common multiple of numbers. This game will help you to boost your understandings of finding out the least common multiple(LCM) of two numbers which is the smallest possible integer by which both the numbers are completely divisible. 

How To Play Least Common Multiple Game


 You will firstly see three options come up on your screen that would be "play", which you have to click, "how to play" and "more games" through which you can get to know about other math games like these and test your knowledge of various mathematical topics. Let’s suppose that you have the question, ‘What is the least common multiple of 6 and 2?’ You will have to search through your memory that at what table both 6 and 2 comes upon. That would be 2. So when you divide both of them by 2 it will reduce the numbers to 3 and 1. Now you have to divide 3 to make it 1 as well. To do that, you will choose the table of 3 because the other number is already 1. 


Now you will multiply both the numbers by which you divided them and their result will be the final LCM of 6 and 2. So, 2x3 will be equal to 6. This is the final answer and you will choose this answer amongst the many others being carried on the truck in this traffic maths game. For every correct answer, your score will keep on adding and even one incorrect answer will cause the game to end. Nonetheless, you can always take another chance. Through this simple game, you will be successful in boosting your skills in taking out the LCM of two numbers.       Kindly check out other math resources Here.

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