Improper Fraction And Mixed Number Game

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Improper Fraction Example Free Game, what is improper fraction ? convert improper fraction to mixed number, what is a mixed number ?| Those questions will be understood after trying this math game on improper fraction conversion to mixed number .This game is fit for those who wish to learn the simple method behind the conversion of improper fractions into mixed numbers within no time.


 How To Play Game To Convert Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers.


 When you click on the game, a soccer theme appears with three options on the screen. The first option is the “Play” which is clicked to start the game. The second option is “How to Play” which is all about the general guidelines and instructions about the game. The third is the option of “More Games” which is used to play other games available on the website. An improper fraction is the one in which the numerator is greater than the denominator. A mixed number consists of a whole number along with a fraction. You will see a large red box to appear which consists of a question and four options out of which one will be correct and this has to be clicked. Consider the example, 6 5/6. To convert it into an improper fraction, the whole number 6 will first be multiplied with the denominator which will answer as 6x6=36. 


This value will then be added into the numerator, 36+5=41. So 41/6 will be the final result as the denominator is kept the same. This is the easy concept through which you will keep on solving other questions. If your answer is correct, you will catch sight of a soccer stadium in which a goal will be done and this will increase your score which is calculated on the top left corner. One incorrect answer will cause the game to end but you can keep on practicing by clicking on “Play Again” until you are perfect. This is one of the easiest games in which you will enjoy this topic which can otherwise seem boring. Kindly check out other math resources Here.

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