Missing Number Mean Mean Game

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Missing Number In Sequence To Find The Mean | How to find the mean with a missing number in the sequence ? This is the focus of the game presented within this math game page. Children will practice how to find the mean of a sequence of numbers when a number is missing in the sequence. Playing this easy game will surely make you get a better hold of this particular concept of mean through all aspects. 


How To Play Missing Number Mean Game 


You will at first see three options to come up in front of you. They are "play" which has to be clicked to start the game, "how to play" describes the instructions about the game, and "more games" through which you can get to know about other games likes these to make you an expert at solving mathematical concepts. The question will be displayed in the form if the mean is 14, which number y could be: 11, y, 13, 17, 21. All you have to do is firstly, multiply the mean given in the question with the number of values provided which in this case is 5, like 14x5 which gives, the result is 70. Secondly, you will add all the values provided so you will do as 11+13+17+21= 62. Finally subtract this result 62 with the first result, 70.


 So basically 70-62= 8 which is the final correct answer. You will look up for this amongst the other answers carried on the truck in this traffic maths game. Clicking on the correct answer will add a score point which will be calculated at the top left of the screen. The game will get over if you choose a wrong answer but you can take another chance until you are a pro at it. If you are confident enough then play this game to test your knowledge and if you think you are struggling then no worries just play this game and develop your skills. Kindly check out other math resources Here.

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