Exponent With Decimal Base Grade 3 Game

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Exponents With Decimal Bases Math Game For 6th Graders | What is exponents. How are exponents with decimal bases ? The game offered on this page will bring answers to those questions raised by a 6th grade kid who is trying to sovle math problems on exponents with decimals. This game will enlighten kids on exponents math problems. This cool game will help you to get a better understanding of the concepts of exponents involving decimals. Exponents are the superscripts numerals that indicate how many times a number will be multiplied by itself. 


How To Play Game To Solve Exponents With Decimal ?


You will see three options to pop up on your screen as soon as you begin. They will be “play” which you have to click to start a game, “how to play” will provide the guidelines about the game, and “more games” through which you can get access to other tricky yet fun games like these. Exponents are written on the top right of a number, called a base. They show how many times the base is being multiplied by itself. For this game, the base will be in the form of a decimal as mentioned before. If there is a question like 1.23, then you need to consider a few steps. The first step is to multiply the base number by itself the number of times as the exponent. The exponent is 3, so 12x12x12 is what you will do. Also make sure that in this step, you ignore the decimal point. 


The answer is 1728. Now for the second step, you will start from the right end of the answer number and go back to three decimal places and on the place, you stop, insert the decimal point. You went 3 places back because of the exponent. The exponent will indicate how many times the number will be multiplied by itself and how many places you will move back. So the final answer is 1.728. You will find this answer amongst the balloons so click it to submit your answer. For every correct answer, the score will increase, however one incorrect answer can cause the game to be over. There is no restriction to start the game again so you can take an unlimited chance to master your multiplication skills. Play this game to clear up your confusion related to exponents and share with your friends as well.        Kindly check out other math resources Here.

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