Exponents Math Game Grade 6

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Exponents Math Game For Grade 6| Understanding exponents of numbers is the main target of this math game online for 6th graders. Kids will learn how to mentally evaluate the exponents of numbers.This fun game of evaluating exponents will help you to easily learn the properties of exponents.


 How To Play Exponent Properties Game .


Click on the game, a new game window will open with three options on it. The first option as the name indicates “play” is to start the game. The second option is “how to play” which provides brief descriptions about the math concept and basic instructions to play the game. The third option is about “more games” which is used to discover math games for kids. Exponents are similar to powers. They are written in small on the top right side of the base number. This exponent tells how many times the base number will be multiplied by itself. For example, if you are given, 23 will, it means that 2 will be multiplied by itself 3 times. So in your head, you will consider the working, 2x2x2 which will be equal to 8 and this is the answer. Similarly, 35 will be 3*3*3*3*3. For every correct answer, the score will increase.


 Even one incorrect answer can cause the game to be over. However, you can always take another chance. If you answer correctly, you will be able to see a soccer stadium with a goal being done and you will also hear some cheers. You can turn on encouraging music if you want to as it may help to boost your confidence. You can turn it off by clicking the button tab. The icon is present on the top right once you begin the game with the menu option next to it which will transport you to the beginning of the menu. This is the perfect game to make your concepts related to exponents even more clear. Why miss playing this game when you can easily become a genius?  .Kindly check out other math resources Here.

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