Discount Calculation Game For 6th Grade

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Shopping Activities For Math|Here is a math game on discount calculation, It is similar to shopping math worksheet where 6th graders will learn how to calculate a discount rate on a given item. The math skill acquired here is related to percentage calculation in math due to the fact that discount is applied in tems of a percentage. Discount is a reduction in the original price of a product to make it affordable. This concept might look challenging at first sight but you will become an expert in it once you play this game. It is important to learn the concept of the percentage of discount to understand the financial aspects of everyday life.




You will find three options on your menu page. To play the game you must click on “play”. “How to play” will state a rule of playing and “more games” will welcome you to more math games for grade 6. Once the game starts, you will be presented a question to find the new price after the discount of the original price. Assume the question you have been given is “if a product originally costs $800, then how much will it cost after a 5% discount.” The question looks quite hard at first looks but I assure you that the method is pretty simple. Firstly, you will subtract the discount value out of 100 (100-5) = 95%. This 95% is the value you need to pay and let’s convert it into simple numbers (integers). You will multiply the new percentage value you got which is 95% with the original price which is $800. 


When you do this, you get 76000. Now divide this value by a hundred because the definition of percentage is out of 100. 76000/100 will give you $760. Some balloons will run onto the screen holding different answers, click on the balloon that carries the answer you got. Pick correct answers to earn points as the score on the top of the tab. If you are willing to hear music along, you can set it accordingly on the top right music icon and return to the menu page by clicking on the menu option. This game best fits people wishing to improve percentage and discount concepts. You can browse other games to explore and learn the basic math concepts for grade 6. Kindly check out other math resources Here.

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