Word Problems With Fractions Game

Word problems with fractions are simple thanks to this wonderful and simple fractions games for 4th graders. Kids must be able to apply their skills to real situations. Fraction word problems provide students with such opportunities. A fraction represents a part of the whole. For example, it explains how many slices of a pizza are left or eaten concerning the whole pizza. Generally, a fraction has two parts i.e. the numerator and the denominator. A decimal fraction is a fraction where its denominator is a power of 10 i.e. 101,102, 103, etc. For example 32/10,56/100,325/1000. It can be expressed as a decimal like 32/10=3.2,56/100=0.56. 


 How To Play Fraction And Decimal Word Game.


 This game is a little difficult but one with a clear concept of fractions and decimal can solve such problems easily. It requires proper attention to understand the problem statement and then solving the equation. Example: Alex ran the 7/12 portion of the track, how much portion is remaining now? In this example, the denominator indicates the total length of the track while the numerator explains the portions covered during running. To find the remaining track, simply subtract the denominator value from the numerator like this. 12-7=5, so it will represent as 5/12(remaining track) The question appears in a box with multiple answers on this football theme game. Read the question carefully and click on the right answer.


 If you answer it right, you will get a point and a new question will appear again. But if you answer it wrong, the game will be over but the good thing is that you can restart it. The user interface is simple, with limited options on the game screen. “Play Now” is used to start the game, “How To Play” describes the basic concept and instructions to play the game, Kindly check out other math resources Here.

Practice And Understand What is fraction word problems