Find The Missing Number Math Game Grade 4

Missing Number Game Online Grade 4 |Trying out this game will enable 4th grader's understanding of missing number math. This is a simple yet interesting game that helps to improve multiplication skills. It shows an incomplete equation and asks to fill the digits to complete it. To become a master at this game, one must have expertise in tables. The better you are in multiplication, the better you can play this game. Example: _ x _ =6 The answer to this equation could be 2 x 3= 6, OR 1 x 6= 6 When you click on the game, the first page that appears has three main options to select. The first option is “Play Game” which is used to start the game. The second option is “How To Play” which describes the details and terms to play the game.


 The third option is “More Game” which is used to explore the other games on the website. The game has a football match theme, whereas the question appears in a box and it shows four options to answer. Read the question carefully as it gives enough time to understand it, and then select the box which has the right answer. If you select the right answer, you will get a point and your player will hit the ball in the goal net and again you will find another question for the next turn. 


But if you click on the wrong answer it will over your game instantly but you have always a chance to start it again. You can control the sound with a button available in the top right corner. If you find this game interesting and handy, you can share it with your class-fellows and friends. Don’t forget to browse our other games and quizzes to improve your mental math concepts. Kindly check out other math resources Here.

How to teach missing numbers math in 4th grade