Find the Factors, Greatest Common Factor

Multiples And Factors Game| This game will walk your year 3 kid through understanding number factorization. They will learn all about factors of numbers and how to find the factors. Factors of a number are the integers that can divide the original number exactly. For example, 8 is the factor of 24, since it can divide into three equal parts. 24/8 = 3 7 is not a factor of 24 as 7 x3=21 which is less than 24 and 7x 4=28 which is higher than 24.


 How To Play Factor Of Numbers Game. 


 When you click on the Factor Of Numbers, the interface appears with the heading of Traffic Game. It has three options, first is "Play" which is used to start the game. The second is "How to Play", If you click on this tab, it will provide playing instructions. The third option is "More Games" which is used to browse other games available to improve your mathematic skills. When you start the game, a question appears on the top of the game screen. Read the math question carefully as you have ample time to understand the question. 

 On the left top, you can check your score while on the right top you have two options available. One of them is the sound button which you can start or stop at any time. Another doted button can take you to the main screen if clicked. This game is a great source to improve the factoring concept and you can share it with your friends who are facing problems understanding the factoring concept. We have developed more interesting games with other math concepts to help you easily. Kindly check out other math resources Here.

Find The Factor | Greatest Common Factor Game