Equivalent Fraction Game Online

Equivalent Fraction Game Free 4th Grade | This fraction game online is the best way for your year 3 kid to acquire fractions math skills.This is such a cool way to learn math. What Is Equivalent Fraction? Two or more fractions which have different numerator and denominator but result in the same value after simplification are said to be equivalent fractions. They are equivalent and these fractions represent the same proportion of the whole. For example, 2/4 and 3/6 both are equal to 1/2


 How To Play Equivalent Fraction Game 

It is important to understand the concept of equivalent fractions because it helps us to split things equally and important to improve the division skills. EXAMPLE: Let’s look at the two fractions 2/4 and 3/ 6, If you further simplify these fractions we will get 1/2 for both fractions. After simplification, we see that both are equivalent and represent the same proportion. With three basic options, the user interface is very simple. The first option is “Play Game” which allows starting the game. The second option is about “How to Play” which describes the basic concept and instructions to play the game. The third option is “More Game” which is used to find other games available on the website. 


The top left corner is the scoreboard which changes with every correct answer. The top right corner has a sound button that can be switched off with a single click, another dotted option is used to go at the home screen of the game. When a game starts, a question appears on the top middle of the game screen. You get enough time to read the question so understand it carefully. This traffic math game shows multiple trucks passing on the road with an answer on the top of each truck. Look at these answers carefully and click on the truck with the right answer. 


Each right answer will add a point on the scoreboard and a new question will appear on the screen. The game will come to end if you click the wrong answer but you can restart the game with a single click. Play this game to improve your equivalent fraction concept and share it with your friends. You can browse other interesting math games for free. Kindly check out other math resources Here.

Grade 4 Equivalent Fraction game for kids