Division With Remainders Practice

Division With Remainders Game | Division with remainders practice. Allow your kids to become a division guru by trying this division math game for kids. Remainder means something leftover or remaining. If you have 5 candies, how will you share it with two kids? Each kid will get 2 candies while 1 candy will be remainder. Mathematically, it can be written as 5 /2 = 2 remainder 1.

  How To Play Division With Remainder Game .


The game screen opens with three options, the first is "Play Game" which is to start the game, the second option is “How to Play” which describes the instruction to play the game, the last option is “More Games” which is used to browse and play other games. On the top left is a score box that updates with every correct answer. The right top has a sound button that can be muted by clicking on it, the second button is small dots and horizontal lines which are used to go back on the home screen of the game. When you click on start game, a question appears on the top of the game. Read the question carefully, use your mental math skills to find the answer. 

There is a road track on the screen where trucks are passing each having an answer on the top. Look at the answers and click on the truck which has the correct answer. If your answer is right, you will get a point and a new question will appear on the top. If your answer is wrong, it will end your game but you have the option to restart it again. This traffic game is a useful source to understand division with the remainder concept. Browse other games on our website to enhance your mathematical skill with fun. Kindly check out other math resources Here.

Division With Remainders Game For 4th Grade