Money Division And Multiplication Game

What Is A Division Math Game | division and multiplication of money game| How to do money division, money multiplication and addition. 


How To Play this amazing game 


After the game loads, you will see three options on your screen: Play, How to play, and More games. Clicking on Play will start the game, More Games will guide you to more math resources and How to play will state the instructions of the game. On the clicking of Play, you will be given a question to solve. It is easy mathematics and division that is the base of this game but just giving it the appearance of money. Let’s learn with examples like we always do. 


Now let’s say you are given $8 x $4 to solve, you will simply multiply 8 and 4 to get 32. You will take the $ sign from the question and add it in front of 32 to get the answer. Now let’s assume you are given a division question, such as $15 divided by $3. Now you will take the smaller number which is 3 and see when 15 comes on its table. We know that 15 comes on 3’s table on the number 5 and so $5 is our answer. Now balloons will emerge on your screen holding different numbers as the answers. You will only click on the balloon that is similar to your answer. This will earn you a point as a score and If you click on a wrong answer your game will end straight away, but you can give it another try.


 The music icon can adjust music and you can return to the menu page with the menu icon. Play this game to practice money mathematic and division and find more math activities at this website. Check out other math resources Here.

Learn How To Do Money Division And Multiplication