Capacity And Weights Units Game

Capacity Units Game|Weight Units Game| Though this game, 3rd graders will learn the units used to measure weights and capacity . This weights and capacity customary units game is fun to play to make kids learn this concept. Try it now to understand this topic! 




 When the game loads, you will be presented with three options. PLAY means that you will start the game, HOW TO PLAY will help you with the game and MORE GAMES will show you more math games for different grades. When the game starts, a question will be given to you. You have to state what unit of measurement best fits the object mentioned. The units include quarts, pints, cups, feet, and kilograms. Quarts are a quarter of the gallon and are mainly used for milk cartons. Pint is usually used for juice boxes or a glass. Cups, we know are very small and are mainly used in kitchens for flour or sugar. Feet is very high like the height of a door and kilograms is used for objects will large masses such as a table. 


 We can use examples: what is the unit to measure the capacity of coffee? The units for capacity are pint, cups, and quarts. A cup is too small and a quart is too big so we will choose a pint as we are mostly served coffee in cups that are not that small in length. Or you can get the question: what is the unit for measurement of a milk carton. We know that it is quarts. Now balloons will start to emerge and you have to click on the one with the correct answer. This will give you a score, but a wrong answer can end the game and you will lose all your score. You can play more games and enjoy math. Kindly Check out other math resources Here.

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