Units Of Mass Game 3rd Grade

Base Units Of Mass Game, what is mass units, is killogramme a mass units ? This is a comparing mass units game for 3rd grade . Comparing units of mass is a very fun game that can help your kind think wisely and outside the box. Teachers can use it as a math resource for fun learning with students. 




On the menu tab, PLAY will start the game, HOW TO PLAY will help you understand the game and MORE GAMES will give you access to other games of math for different grades. When the game starts, you can be given two types of questions. The first example is: Which is more, 10098 grams or 10 kilograms. Now 1 kg has 1000 grams so 10kg= 1000g. But here the grams value 10098 which is more than 1000 grams and so 10098grams is greater.


 In the second type of question, they can ask you to convert grams to kilograms or the opposite. Example: _______g=6kg. Now here you will convert 6kg into g to get the answer. We know that 1kg=1000g, so 6kg=1000x6. This will give us 6000g as the answer. Or you can get to convert grams to kilogram. Example: 8000g=____kg. Now you know 1000g=1kg, so 8000g-8kg. Simple as that! Now balloons will pop on your screen. Each will carry different answers out of only one will be correct. You have to choose the correct one to get a score so the game continues. Picking the wrong answer will end the game and you will lose all your score. 


If you want to listen to music along, you can click on the music icon on the top and mute it by re-clicking. You can return to the menu page with the help of the menu icon. Look for more math games at this link to learn in a fun way. Kindly Check out other math resources Here.

Comparing Base  Units Of Mass