Perimeter Word Problems Game Grade 3  

Perimeter Word Problems 3rd Grade|perimeter calculator game from words. learn how to find the perimeter in word problems. This perimeter word problems game is super fun especially for students who love math. Parents can use it to make their child experts in this concept and you can look for more. 




 Once you have opened this fun game, you will see three options on the tab, PLAY, HOW TO PLAY, and lastly MORE GAMES. By clicking on PLAY, you will be given a question to solve as the game will start. HOW TO PLAY will help you understand the game and MORE GAMMES will be very useful as it will give a bunch of more games to play, even for different classes. On the clicking of the PLAY button, the question will be to find the perimeter of a shape. Firstly, you must know that Perimeter is the sum (addition) of all the sides of the shape. 


This means that. A rectangle has four sides. The opposite sides are equal, the widths are equal and the lengths are equal. A square has four equal sides. This means that if a square’s one side is 1 cm, then the others will also be the same value. And the perimeter will be 4 cm. Now let’s assume the question is that a square has a 9cm length of one side, find the perimeter. You will multiply 9 with 4 (the total sides in squares are 4). Each side is 9 cm, all of them are equal. The other example is, if a rectangle has a width 4 cm and a length of 6cm find the perimeter. 


The opposite sides are equal so it means the perimeter is 4cm+4cm+6cm+6cm = 20 cm. Now solve these questions to get a score when you tap on the correct balloon. If you choose a wrong answer, the game will end. You can search for more math games by clicking on the More Games from the game screen or click on the games from the menu bar. Kindly Check out other math resources Here.

Practice how to find the perimeter from words