Numbers In Words Math Game 3rd Grade

Numbers In Wirds Converter|How To Write Numbers In Words Game. A number in words in given, then kids will have to select the same number in figure on a passing truck. With the help of this game, your child will learn to write numbers in word spellings. Get your child to play it now to get clear and enjoy at the same time! 




 On the menu page, three options: PLAY, HOW TO PLAY and MORE GAMES will come up. To start the game you will click on PLAY, to know the basics go to HOW TO PLAY and for more relevant math games for different ages, you are supposed to click on the MOR GAMES option. For this game, you will be given a numerical value to write in numbers. This task is simple if thought about it carefully. Let assume the question is to write 75 in a written form. You will see the left value and because there is one number after it you will multiply it will 10 (remember that one number is present after 7 and 10 has one zero/0.) by this you will get 70/seventy and you will also be left with 5/five now just put it in a spelling form. The answer is seventy-five.


 If it was 750, there are two numbers after 7 and you will multiply it with 2 to get 700 and 50: seven hundred and fifty. For thousands: 7500 you will multiply 7 with 3 to get seven thousand (thousand has three zeros) and five hundred. This concept is very easy! Now balloons will swipe across the screen and you will click on the one which has the right answer so you earn a score. If you choose the wrong answer, you will lose a score and the game will automatically end. If you want music along, how about using the music icon on the top right and to go back to the menu you can press the menu button. Kindly Check out other math resources Here.

Numbers In Words Spelling| Numbers in words Converter