Number Ordering Game Up To Thousands

Ordering Numbers Least To Greatest|Ordering Of Numbers Game|Let this game walk your kids through number ordering, where they will learn how to order numbers from least to greatest and from greatest to the least . This game teaches your kids how to be ordering numbers from least to greatest or vice versa. Kids can easily play I and learn as well at the same time!




On the menu page, the option of PLAY will start the game, HOW TO PLAY will state rules regarding the game, and MORE GAMES will show you more games for other classes and on other topics. When you will click on the ‘PLAY’ button, you will get a question to solve. The question will say to arrange the numbers in order. Now you must know a few terms. > and < are the signs which mean greater than. Let’s assume that we have 2 and 3, 3 is greater so we will use <. It is because 2<3 and 3 are greater. 


 Let’s use more examples. We have the question: are the numbers arranged in the correct order 9000 > 9500 > 9800. Now let’s look at the first two numbers which are 9000 and 9500. 9500 is bigger but the crocodile's mouth is not pointing towards it which means the order is not correct. Look at the second set now. 9800 is greater than 9500 but the sign is not pointing towards it. This means it is not in the correct order. In the same way, you will solve the other questions. 


 Catch up on the balloons that carry your answers so you get points as a score on the top of the screen. If you answer a question incorrectly the game will automatically end and you will lose your score in turn. Listening to music along will be fun so you can click on the music icon on the top right to mute and unmute music. If you want to visit the menu page, consider clicking on the menu icon. Kindly Check out other math resources Here.

Ordering Numbers From Least To Greatest