Word Problems Multiplication Game 3rd Grade

Word Problems multiplication 3rd Grade|Multiplication With Word Problems. Practice real world multiplication problems with this cool game for grade 3 . Multiplication by numbers is one of the most challenging applied math topics for grade 3. The multiplication topics may be difficult for some in the beginning but the language used is very simple. So it’s not hard to solve the problems with little practice and concentration. 




When you click on the game screen, the game interface will show three options. Click on the first option “Play Game” to start the game. The second option is “How To Play” which defines the basic instructions and details to play the game. The third option is “More Games” which you can click to play more interesting and fun-filled games on other math topics. When the game starts, you can see a multiplication question on the top of the game screen. You have plenty of time to read the question carefully. Try to solve the question with your mental math skills. EXAMPLE: The teacher has 2 cakes and she cuts each cake into 10 slices, how many slices does she have now? 


This tells that 2 cakes are divided into 10 parts; the first one will give us ten slices and the second one will also give 10 this makes 20 the answer or you can multiply 2 with 10. Below the question, you will see a road where different trucks are passing with different answers. Click on the truck which you believe is the right answer to the question. If your answer is right, you will get a point and a new question will arise. If your answer is not correct your game will be over and you will have to start it again to play further. It’s a very interesting game for those who like mathematics and very helpful for those who need to improve their math. Share this game with your friends and browse our other games to check your math level. Kindly Check out other math resources Here.

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