Division Of Multiples Of 10 Game

Multiples Of 10 Math Game | What is multiples of 10 | practice division with multiples of 10. This game will help your kids explore more about the division of multiples of 10 and they will get pro at it soon after they start playing it. It will familiarize your kids with this concept and will enhance their math skills. 



Firstly, on the menu page, you will receive three options. They will be PLAY, HOW TO PLAY, and MORE GAMES. PLAY will start the game, HOW TO PLAY will give rules regarding the game and MORE GAMES will lead you to more games that you could play. When the game starts, you will be presented a question of division to divide a multiple of 10 with a second number. First, we must know that what multiples are. 


For example, we can say that the multiples of 2 are all the numbers that appear on its table including 4, 6, 8, 10, and all the others. Multiple comes from the word multiply and it means that when we multiply 2 with any number we get the multiple; example: 2x2=4. The multiples of 10 are all the numbers that appear on its table and all of them end with a 0 i.e, 20, 500, 750, and all the rest of them. Now we will be given a multiple of 10 and it has to be divided by some other number and we will find the answer. Let’s deal with 150 divided by 3. 


Now you will simply divide them to get 50 as the answer. Or you can make it simpler by cutting the 0 and dividing 15 by 3 to get 5 and then add the removed 0 back to get 50. Now different balloons of different hues will hold different answers and you will click on the one with your answer. This will give you a score, but an incorrect answer will end your game. Music can be allowed and disallowed by the music button on the top and you can get back to the menu page with the menu button to get the three options mentioned above before. You can explore more games like these on our website. Don't forget to share the link to the website with your friends. Kindly Check out other math resources Here.

How To Divide Multiples Of 10 Numbers