Adding And Subtracting Money Game 3rd Grade

Money Addition And Subtraction Math Game 3rd Grade|Math activities in this game are similar to those in money math worsheets 2nd grade. Kids will learn how to add and subtract money in their early age . This adds and subtracts money game targets to help children learn the concepts of sum and product. This can be used as a resource if your children are interested in online games and you can simply make them work secretly.



 Firstly, you will encounter three options: PLAY, HOW TO PLAY, and MORE GAMES. PLAY will start the game, HOW TO PLAY will give a basic rule and instruction to play the game and MORE GAMES is used to browse other math games for kids. Now you will be given a question to solve about the addition and subtraction of money. It is just simple addition and subtraction and then putting the dollar sign with the value. For instance, the question is $27-$9. You will subtract them to get 18 and then add the dollar sign to get $18 as an answer. For the addition question, we can use $12+$7. For this, we will add 12 and 7 to get 19 and add the $ sign to get $19 as the answer. This method is very simple to reinforce the math activities practiced in grade 2. Now balloons of different colors will slide across the screen. 


They will be carrying different answers out of which only one will be correct and you will have to pick it so you earn a score and the game continues. Even one wrong answer will end the game. You can set music, for this click on the top right music icon to allow it and re-click to disallow it; it can make the game more challenging and joyful. If you want to return to the menu again you can tap the menu icon on the top right to do so. Play it with your friends and look for more math activities on our page. Kindly Check out other math resources Here.

Money Math Sheets|Adding And Subtracting Money Game