Game On Expanded And Standard Forms Of Numbers

Expanded form and standard form math game, what is expanded form ?, how to write the expanded form of numbers, your kid will easily answer those questions as they get familiar to this game. The expanded and word form of the game is a very fun game by mathzone4kids, revolving around the addition and subtraction of numbers to find the missing numerical values. Teachers can use this game as a practicing resource to help kids learn in a fun way. Learn how to play this game. 




You will be given three options when you open the game: PLAY that will start the game, HOW TO PLAY which will be a guideline to know the important principles and MORE GAMES will lead you to more math resources. The game will start and you will be given the question. Let’s assume it is 1918=1000+900+?+8. Here you need to find the missing number which is interpreted using a question mark. The values on the right must sum up to the value on the left this means that if according to the example you are given 1000 then you are left with 918. You are also given 900 so 18 is left. 8 is also given which means that you are left with 10. Ten is not given which means that it is to be written instead for a question mark. 


Balloons on the screen will have different numbers on them out of which only one will be the answer. So you will click on the relevant balloon to earn a score so the game proceeds. Even one incorrect answer can end the game and in turn, you will lose your score. This property makes the game more challenging and fun to play. The music icon on the top can adjust the music. Once you click on the menu icon you will return to the starting page of the game. You can look for more math activities on our page to practice enthusiastically.

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