Decimal Graph Representation Game 

Decimal chart |Decimal Illustration Game|Kids will learn how to watch and tell what decimal number is illustrated by the model graph . Decimal tenths hundreds game is very helpful for kids who are facing problems with decimal rounding. You can ask your child to play it to become an expert on one try!




On the menu page, you will find buttons that are three in total: PLAY, HOW TO PLAY, and MORE GAMES. If you click on PLAY the game will start, HOW TO PLAY will show you rules and MORE GAMES will give you access to more math games. After clicking on the PLAY button, you will be given a question to solve. It will be to tell what decimal number is the shaded part. You will count the total which will be 10 as this is the topic and the one that has been shaded. Let’s assume that there are 9 bars shaded in the model out of 10 you will write a fraction form: 9/10. 


Now there is one 0 in 10 so you will move one step back from 9 and put a decimal point there: 0.9. This means that if it was 100 we would have put a point 2 steps back from 9 and we would have gotten _._9: 0.09 (we will write 0 in the missing blanks. Now you will choose the correct answer from the answer table to earn a score in your soccer math game. If you choose the wrong answer you will lose all your points and the game will end. If you want to hear music along you can tap on the music icon on the top and re-click to mute. If you want to go back to the menu page you can click on the menu icon. 


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