Fractions Comparing Math Game With Same Numerators

Practice how To do Fractions comparing with the Same numerator fractions comparing is the math activity featured on this page. Kids will love this game on fractions comparing. This fraction game is very interesting that can expand a kid’s thinking and math skills. Whether play this game at school or home you will enjoy it immensely so let’s begin.



On the menu page, three options will pop up: PLAY, HOW TO PLAY, and MORE GAMES. PLAY will start the game, MORE GAMES will show games of different levels for different topics and HOW TO PLAY will give a rule that will help you. Now on your screen, a question will emerge, saying to choose the correct operation to complete the equation in the right way. Let’s play with examples for better understanding. The simple thing is that when we have the same denominators of two numbers, we see the numerator and the greater one is the bigger fraction. Example: 9/7? 4/7. Now here instead of the question mark, we will put an operational symbol: greter than, smaller than or equal sign means that the number on the right is greater as the crocodile mouth is pointing towards the right and they only point to the bigger value. 


Thus symbols are called greater than > tells that the number on the left is bigger which means the left value is greater than the right value. Now in the given example, the denominators are equal so we will check the numerators where 9 is greater than 4 so 9/7 is the greater fraction. Now we will put > because 9/7 is greater than 4/7 or you can say 9/7 > 4/7. If the numerators and denominators both are the same we will use =. Balloons will carry answers and you will have to choose the one that is your answer to get a score. If you choose the wrong operator, you will lose your points along with the game. You can allow and disallow music with the icon or return to the menu page as well with the menu icon. How about playing more games of math at this link? Do check them out! Kindly Check out other math resources Here.

Same Numerator Fraction Game Comparing