How Compare Fractions With Same Numerators

How To Comparing Fractions|Same numerator fraction comparing is the math activity offered on this amazing game page. let your kids try this to become fractions experts . Fractions tell us about the part of the whole number. It has two parts called numerator and denominator. The upper part of the fraction is called numerator or number of equal parts while the lower part of the fraction is called denominator which refers to a total number of equal parts the whole is divided into.


Fractions with the same numerators mean that we're talking about the same number of parts. So to compare fractions with the same numerator, all you have to do is compare the denominators. The fraction with the bigger denominator is smaller. If we have to compare fraction 2/4 and 2/8, both have the same numerator but 2/8 has a bigger denominator, so it will be smaller.




 A user interface of the balloon pop game appears when we open the game. It has three options, mainly the first is called “Play” which is used to start a game. The second option is “How to Play” which provides the instructions to play the game. 


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Same Numerator Fraction Game Comparing