Compare Numbers Game

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compare numbers game online, how to compare numbers, first grade math game on number comparing. Kids will learn how to compare numbers by the use of greater than sign, less than sign and the equal sign. In case you are looking to better understand the differences between numeric values, but want a new and fun way to experience learning online through games and original animations? Compare Numbers Soccer is the game you have been looking for. Designed for First Grade students, Compare Numbers Soccer is the fun and free way to study the differences between various numeric values and how to organize them, while playing a game designed to keep you learning – and keep the learning fun! Compare Numbers Soccer provides the player with two different numbers, and then asks them to choose the right symbol to compare the two; and then the player must select the correct answer out of 4 choices to earn a point! If the player answers wrong, it means Game Over. Points will add up with every correct answer, letting students know how well they are improving, and which areas of number comparisons require improvement. Compare Numbers Soccer is a revolutionary tool for First Grade Students because it helps them better understand how to differentiate between numbers with the proper use of symbols, and to think quickly. The points system lets the student know how well they are doing like an in-classroom test, but without all the stress and tension of a real school test. Compare Numbers Soccer is built to be fun and stress-free, allowing students to think clearly and learn while having fun. Compare Numbers Soccer is completely free for anyone to play, and a great opportunity for any person looking to improve their numeric comparison skills. . Hence, if your liked your kid's experience while playing this game, please credit our website by linking back to it, or check other math resources Here.