How To Prevent Technology Misuse  


It is currently considered a goal in and of itself by many of the world's best academic institutions to make sophisticated education technologies available to its students. One thing that isn't often addressed is that these technologies may backfire when placed in the hands of students, who, by their very nature, need guidance in order to get the most out of them.

What are the factors ?

In this essay, I'll discuss some factors that both teachers and parents should consider in order to prevent the misuse, or even worse, abuse, of readily available technological tools. These factors include: Whenever we make plans for the future, it is typical for us to think that everything will go smoothly and that people would act rationally or in the same way as we would in an ideal situation. 


Unlike fiction, reality is often stranger and less obvious than fiction. The manner in which people make use of new technologies and products is something that creators could not foresee when they were first developed. Furthermore, technology, especially when it is extensively utilised, may have unanticipated and unintended consequences that are difficult to predict. Investigating things through the lens of misuse and adverse effects is critical in order to be prepared for more unexpected uses and, if possible, to prevent them altogether

No technological advancement should ever be utilized improperly

Drawing pictures, reading books, and playing games only on a computer or smartphone screen have all become more common practises, not just in childcare settings but also in homes. A direct result of this is a significant reduction in both the ability and desire to sketch on paper or curl up with a good book. The importance of remembering that educational technology is intended to perform activities that are impossible (or too difficult) to do manually should not be overlooked by parents and educators. It is possible to do a wide range of activities without the use of technological tools .

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Corrective Actions to be taken

Employees who violate your Internet, computer, or email rules should be subjected to disciplinary action. The degree of the violation determines the appropriate corrective action response to be taken. You may choose to give them with support and coaching for small violations in order to aid them in improving. For more serious violations and frequent offenders, written warnings and, ultimately, dismissal may be the most appropriate course of action. 


Keep in mind that other employees are aware of the ill-treatment they are receiving. If they see someone getting away with wasting time and misusing the Internet, it may cause them to get enraged and negative, and it may even inspire them to engage in such bad behaviour themselves. Maintain uniformity across your policy and take the appropriate measures to enforce it


First and first, it is necessary to understand

Maintain the security of your financial information. Almost every computer fraud and crime is committed with the aim of obtaining financial gain from the victim. You can protect your money in a number of ways while shopping online. Finally, a good rule of thumb is to err on the side of caution and refrain from disclosing personal information if you have reason to believe it is being used fraudulently . .

Haunting the world via technological advancements

Technology may seem to be a mystical force at times. Because augmented and virtual reality change our perception of the world, our sense of what is real may be altered as a result of this. Furthermore, they create a variety of different realities, leaving us uncertain of what someone else is seeing or how we are seen by another person. For example, during a Helsingin Sanomat live broadcast addressing the elections, the Facebook funny effects were inadvertently activated, but the reporters did not seem to be aware that they were appearing as wizards or astronauts while they were talking about the elections. 


 However, despite the fact that we teach algorithms to see the world in the same way that people do, they each make sense of the world in their own way. Images generated by neural networks are a great example of this, since they can be both psychedelic and frightening in their appearance. MIT has even created a "horror machine," which produces frightening images on a continuous loop and can be controlled by a computer

Technology should be used to help, not to distract.

Unfortunately, incidents like these occur often in schools all around the world. According to a recent research, students in New Hampshire, for example, continue to chat and/or play mobile games even throughout important class lectures. Except for the fact that such acts annoy teachers as well as students, such actions often result in the implementation of harsh penalties in many cases. It is recommended that even authorised children's eBooks and iPhone apps be used only within the time period indicated in the licence agreement. Education technology should never be allowed to become a source of distraction in the classroom