Comparing Numbers Above 1000

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This is an interactive quiz that’s different from all the other math quizzes that students and learners of Grade 2 may have played so far, and for good reason. This quiz allows the students to learn the concept of comparing large numbers above 1000. One such concept is knowing how to identify when certain numbers are bigger than, smaller than, and equal to other numbers (without having to do any sums). The quiz starts with an interesting visual that asks students to begin. As they enter the quiz, they are shown two large sums of varying numbers, both above 1000 and with a blank in between them. The options given below that students can pick and choose from are, ‘greater than, less than, and equal to’. Later, students are prompted to discover which answer fits best in the sum that they are provided with. While it may seem easy and simple, students need to pay close attention to the question, rather than skimming over the numbers and choosing an answer. At times, it can be tricky because the student might think that one number is larger than the other and he or she may quickly choose the ‘greater than’ as their answer. The sums are above 1000 and can be deceiving . Please credit our website by linking back to it, or check other math resources Here.