Partition Shapes Equal Sizes

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partition of shapes | equal size partition | figure division into equal shares | this game features the partition of shapes into equal shares. it provides a clear view on differentiating between equal size partitions of figures and unequal size shapes One of The toughest part of classroom teaching is always keeping the focus of students, but Traffic Shape Partitions is a sure cure for any student having a difficult time keeping attention on learning to identify halves and fourths in partition-based problems! Traffic Shape Partitions is a game built around the idea of an intense, time sensitive game structured to help students in the First Grade study and practice identifying the difference between halves and quarter partitions. The game works like this: The player is shown an image of a shape made into divided portions, and the player must decide whether the image is divided into halves or fourths. This question is listed at the top of the screen, and below is an image of a busy highway with trucks driving past with answers on their top. When the player decides on the answer to the question, they must drag the mouse and click the truck displaying the correct answer on their top. If the answer if correct, the player earns a point! If the player answers wrong, it means Game Over. Points will add up with every correct answer, letting students know how well they are improving, and which areas require improvement. Traffic Shape Partitions is an excellent tool for first grade math students because the game offers math questions that can be easily answered if using proper mental math. Combined with the swiftly moving traffic driving across the screen, players are forced to use proper mental math skills in order to answer the question properly and earn a point! Players will always know if they have answered correctly as the truck will explode with a festive and exciting series of colors! Play now! Hence, if your liked your kid's experience while playing this game, please credit our website by linking back to it, or check other math resources Here.