Number Line Graph In Subtraction

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This page offers kindergarten math games in subtraction. It presents a line graph where subtraction operation need to be performed in order to figure out the correct answer from the subtraction operation of the year 1 children. This page features number line graph math game subtraction for children in grade 1. year one students are often accused for having their attention turned towrds the clouds when they should be focused on their schoolwork. But it somehow turns out that, up in the clouds is the place to practice their subtraction skills through this number line graph which is applied to our subtraction balloon math game. TThus, Subtract Within Twenty Balloon Math is a new and revolutionary game for First Grade math students looking to practice and master subtractions below twenty through an entertaining and colorfully animated online game. Subtract Within Twenty Balloon Math is sure to have you rethink online learning altogether! The game works like this: The player is asked to solve a question, for example: “Using the number line, solve 10 – 7”. Beneath the question is a row of numbers going from 1 to 20 where students can complete the question with visual markers. While the player performs the mental math necessary to answer the question, balloons will begin floating up the screen, each carrying a different answer. When the player identifies the correct answer to the question, they must click the balloon – but they must be quick! The balloon is only on screen for a small period of time! Each correct answer will give the player a point, and a wrong answer will put an end to the game. Players will have a blast setting their own high scores! This number line graph subtraction Within Twenty Balloon Math is the perfect way to practice mental math problems based on subtracting beneath twenty because players are forced to think and react quickly. Balloons are only on the screen for a limited amount of time, adding tension and excitement to the game. Any student looking to practice and perfect subtraction math skills will find immediate success while playing Subtract Within Twenty Balloon Math. Hence, if your liked your kid's experience while playing this game, please credit our website by linking back to it, or check other math resources Here.