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Select Object that is different in size

Classify different shapes

Matching letters

Classify similar-shapes

Compare if there are enough 

Comapre numbers larger and largest

Mixed quiz operations

Classify similar-shapes

compare, find the smallest number   

Counting animals up to 3

Counting objects up to 10

Counting objects and shapes up to 10

Counting pictures up to 10

Counting from one  to 3

Representing numbers and images up to 10

Quizzes on coins

Coins Identification Quiz 

Identify the next aboject in the pattern

Similar shape objects

Positions inside outside

Positions left middle right

Positions left right

Positions top middle bottom

Learn flat shapes

Learn solid shapes

Size heavier lighter

Size longer shorter

Size more or less

Size tall short

Mathplay4kidz offers a wide range of exciting math quizzes for early learners. The Pre-Kindergarten quiz page is perfect for introducing beginning math concepts to young children in an engaging and hands-on way. Teachers and parents alike will find the easily accessible quizzes on the page to be an effective tool for classroom or distance learning delivery. The Pre-K math quizzes cover shapes, numbers, counting, positions, spatial sense, letters, counting money, and more. With some parental help or guidance from a teacher, preschoolers will love the interactive online quiz features. Quizzes on the page include classifying objects by size, classifying different shapes, matching letters, and classifying similar shapes. Preschoolers can also learn from quizzes that allow them to compare numbers larger to largest, mixed quiz operations, classifying similar-shapes, finding the smallest number, counting from 1 to 3, counting objects and shapes up to 10, counting dots on frames up to 10, and counting objects up to 20. Pre-K quizzes also offer more fun illustrated quizzes such as counting animals up to 3, counting pictures up to 10, and identifying coins. Preschoolers will further benefit from quizzes that teach them to learn positions inside and outside, positions left, middle, and right, positions top, middle, and down, and sizes tall to short. Students can select the taller plant, and answer questions such as 'Who is on the left?' and choose the mother, father, or baby depicted on the screen. Shapes quizzes are also available to understand and identify basic shapes such as squares, circles, and triangles. Learning solid shapes, like rectangular prisms, pyramids, and cylinders, are also included on the quiz page. Each quiz comes with illustrative images that better hold the attention of preschoolers. Colorful depictions of dogs, birds, fish, cars, planes, flowers, shapes, coins, and more are viewable within each quiz to make learning more appealing. Clicking on the 'Play now' button will open each quiz. A title page will appear, with some quizzes offering a voice recording of the title, which can be heard by clicking the play button. Each question in the quiz presents instructions. Students can mouse click on available answers, drag and drop to match options, or type in responses. Quizzes on the Pre-K page range from 2 to 10 questions. After finishing the quiz, a passing or not passing percentage grade will appear on the screen. The ability to print quiz results is also available at the end of the quiz on the results page. With numerous options to choose from, parents, teachers, and students will have a blast learning new math concepts. The interactive features, the fun pictures, and the recording of results will make the quizzes an excellent supplemental education tool for preschoolers.

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