Math Worksheets For Preschool

Worksheets On Counting

Count objects and circle the number

Count objects,find and circle the number

Counting worksheet for kindergarten

Count how many books, balls, bananas

Count hearts and write how many

Count seafood and write how many

Count how many cats and dogs

Counting how many Sheeps, Cows, Horses 

Count how many mangoes, pineapples, oranges

Count how many chrismas items

Count and match the presents with numbers

Practice counting from 1 to 10

Line counting from 1 to 10 worksheet pdf

Count how many stars, hearts, bubbles, flowers

Count how many Goats,Donkeys,Chickens

Tick the smallest object in size in the box

Tick the largest item in the group

Count and match fingers with pencils

Count and match fingers with numbers

Count and fill in missing numbers

What comes before and after 1

Skip counting by one worksheet for pre-K

Matching Worksheets For Preschoolers

Number coloring pages preschool

which item number is the longest ?

Number the long, longer longest

Count birds and match with numbers

Count bugs and match with numbers

Counting and matching worksheets

Matching numbers and items counting

Matching numbers with quantity

Free Number Tracing Worksheets For Preschool

Tracing numbers worksheet free

Practice how to trace figure 1

Tracing the  number  2 free printable

Learn how to write number 3

Number tracing for free worksheets

Numbers on tracing 5

Worksheet on how to write 6

Tracing worksheet on number 7

Number 8 tracing worksheet

Number 9 free tracing worksheet

Tracing number 1-10 worksheet pdf

Free Worksheets On Shapes Printable PDF

Color and name the shapes in the page

Worksheets on Identifying the shapes

Worksheets on Shapes for preschool

Welcome to the Pre-K math worksheets page. In this page, parents and educators will find an extensive collection of printable worksheets, with each available in a downloadable PDF format for easy access. The included work pages are useful as activities or homework assignments for classrooms or homeschool environments. The Pre-K level worksheets are perfect for introducing math to young learners. The page includes worksheets on counting, matching, number tracing, and shapes. Topics further include counting up to 3, counting up to 10, selecting items from smallest to largest, determining shortest to longest objects, learning to count illustrated fingers, and writing in missing numbers in number lines. Nursery school children will enjoy the colorful and highly illustrative nature of the worksheets. For example, they can learn to count teddy bears, fruits, dogs, cats, and farm animals. With a wide range of themes to choose from, such as Christmas themed worksheets, teachers can maintain engagement with these worksheets for young preschoolers throughout the school year. Educators will find number games worksheets, as well as matching, and coloring exercises. Preschoolers can color ice cream cones with the color that matches the number on the worksheet, they can also find the longest pencil on images displayed on the worksheets, or match the number of birds in the birds' nest to the correct digit. More activities include matching the ladybugs on the leaves, determining the correct number of scoops on the ice cream cone, and finding and circling the number of tomatoes on a page. Students can additionally learn to trace numbers from one to ten. Shapes worksheets will allow them to color in shapes as they memorize their names or count the number of sides on each shape. With numerous activities and worksheets available, the Pre-K math page comes equipped to meet any unique learning circumstance. Please give them a click and see which ones work best for your students. Click on the 'Open' button below each worksheet on the page to access, download, and print with ease. Teachers and institutions can freely share the worksheet links on any platform. However, please make sure to credit and link back to our website.