Math Worksheets For Kindergarten


Adding 1,2,3,4,5 to a number

Adding 2 and 3 to another number

Addition For Kindergarten Worksheets

Adding 0 and 1 to a number worksheet

Addition up to 20 with regrouping

Addition with pictures illustration

Coin values addition for kindergarten

Kindergarten Counting Math Worksheets

Count how many candies are there

Count compare by using greater, lesser, or equal

Count hearts, write your result in the box

Count how many of each fish species

Count how many of each species

Counting worksheets for kindergarten

Count, fill in the missing numbers

Count and trace numbers from 1 to 10

Count and find the missing numbers

Comapre using More less equal

Compare using more less equal

Comapre fish quantities in the jar

Write numbers before and after

Learn What is Skip counting

Practice Skip counting by 2

Skip Counting Worsheet for kindergarten

Kindergarten Free Worksheets On Numbers

comparing numbers kindergarten games

Find the longest Item in each set

Find the longest object in the group

Count and match with the digits

Count and match items with digits

How to Write numbers in words

What comes before and after

Free Worksheets On Shapes In PDF

What is 3D and 2D Shapes

Color and tell what shape is it

Identify shapes and name them

Match analog to digital clock worksheet pdf

Name the polygons given the sides

Identify and name the shapes

What time is the clock showing

Diffference between 2D and 3D shapes

Free Subtraction Worksheets For Kindergarten

Subtraction for kindergarten worksheet pdf

Subtracting 1-2-3-4-5-6 from a number

Subtraction worksheet for kindergarten

Basic Subtraction from 5

Subtraction with picture worksheet

Subtraction worksheet for kindergarten

Subtraction up to 10 with regrouping

Tracing Numbers Worksheets PDF

How to trace number one

How to trace number 2

Learn Tracing number 3

Learn Tracing number 4

Learn Tracing number 5

How to trace number 6

How to trace number 7

Learn tracing number 8

Tracing number 9 worksheet

Tracing number 10 worksheet pdf

Trace and write 1 in words

practice number 2 writing in words

Tracing and writing number 3 in words

Tracing writing number 4 in words

Tracing and writing number 5

How to trace and write 6 in words

Practice tracing and writing number 7

Tracing and writing number 8

How to trace and write number 9

Tracing writing number 10

Kindergarten printable free worksheets pdf for nursery school, preschool and kindergarten. Welcome to the Kindergarten math worksheets page on This page features extensive collection of printable worksheets, with each available in a downloadable PDF format for easy access. The included work pages are useful as activities, test sheets, or homework assignments for classrooms or homeschool environments. The Kindergarten level worksheets are perfect for introducing math to younger learners. The page includes worksheets on numbers, number tracing, shapes, counting, addition, subtraction, and telling time. The colorful and highly illustrative nature of the worksheets is advantageous for educators to engage students. Addition worksheets include adding from 1 to 5 and up to 20. Also available is addition with pictured objects, basic addition word problems, and adding coin values. Subtraction worksheets involve basic horizontal subtraction up to 10 and subtraction from 5. Answer sheets accompany the more complex addition and subtraction exercises. Students will enjoy counting activities, such as 'Count the Candies in the Jar' or counting ladybugs and bumblebees. They can also count and compare numbers as more, less, or equal to, find missing numbers in a number line, define numbers that come before and after a specific digit, and practice skip counting by 1 and 2. More worksheets incorporate comparing more, less, or equal to by up to 10, finding the longest objects on a page, determining smallest to longest objects, matching the number of objects to a digit, and matching numbers to their written word counterparts. Fun shape activities will further drive engagement. Kindergarteners can identify shapes, color shapes, learn to sort 3D and 2D shapes, and count each shape's number of sides. Telling time work pages are also included, with assignments such as matching the analog clock to the digital clock and drawing hands on the clocks' faces to match the correct time listed. Number tracing exercises allow students to trace numbers from 1 to 10. Practices with writing digits as well as full words of numbers are also available up to 10. For example, learning to write '1' and 'one.' With numerous activities and worksheets at your disposal, the Kindergarten math page comes equipped to meet any unique learning circumstance. Please give them a click and see which ones work best for your students. Click on the 'Open' button below each worksheet on the page to access, download, and print with ease. Teachers and institutions can freely share the worksheet links on any platform. However, please make sure to credit and link back to our website.