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Quadratic Equation

Simultaneous Equations

The Lowest Common Multiple

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Stepping into the world of secondary classes comes with a sense of seniority and with great success comes greater responsibility. 6th grade is the beginning of secondary classes, and though 6th-grade mathematics is believed to be the building block of advanced math it is not as easy as learning basic mathematical concepts. The course and the topics are hard and conceptual from the start. Keeping the goal of making math enjoyable, understandable, and fun in context, Math Play4kids is introducing this amazing set of interactive math quizzes for 6th-standard students that will allow you to practice and self-evaluate your math skills and polish them time and time again. The more you attempt these interactive quizzes the more you will be able to explore fresh and proficient techniques to solve the problems. These quizzes come with an answer key that better explains and helps you in the self-assessment. 



 In the modern world of online games where kids are fascinated by the interactive nature of the playoffs, Math Play4kids has come up with the solution of introducing these interactive math quizzes for 6th-grade students which feel more like games rather than difficult studies. The activities offered on this page feature complex calculations that focus on the pre-requisite for secondary and higher secondary math. All of these topics are extremely helpful for creating a stronger base of advanced math. The quizzes cover pre-algebra, algebra, exponential powers, simple and compound interest, order of operations, quadratic equations, simultaneous equations, ratio and proportions, table interpretations, etc. 


 Conversion of exponents into standard forms

  Exponential forms might seem a little hard for some of the students and hence learning to convert them into the standard form is an easy way of understanding the terms. This quiz requires performing the multiplication on the given decimal number by a power of 10. This multiplication would convert the numbers from scientific notations to standard forms. Here, the position of the decimal plays an important role hence if the exponent is positive, the decimal point must be moved to the right and if the exponent is negative, the decimal point must be moved to the left. 


Square root. 

 Square root is the concept where we find the divisibility of the number by itself. You are required to recall the multiplication tables and find the square root of the given number. Let’s say we are finding the square root of √49, we have to find out the number that multiplies itself to give 49 as the answer. Hence, the square root of 49 is 7 as we know 7x7 = 49. 


 Inequalities Pre-Algebra :

This is a super fun way of learning the concept of solving equations. This interactive quiz shows some incomplete equations with the options. We are required to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as per the requirement and complete the equation. 


 The greatest common factor :

As per the name, the greatest common factor (GCF) is the largest factor that all the numbers share. Let’s say, we have to find GCF of 12 and 24. The numbers that divide 12 and 24 are called the factors hence, factors of 12 are 1,2,3,4,6,12, and the factors of 24 are 1,2,3,4,6,12. Now we will select the greatest of these common numbers that divide both 12 and 24 and call it the GCF. Therefore, the answer is 12. Students are given some numbers and are asked to find the greatest common factor of these numbers. 


 The lowest common multiple :

Just like GCF, the lowest common multiple (LCM) is the number that is the least value that multiplies both of the given numbers. This quiz features recalling the previous knowledge of the multiplication of numbers. Students are required to find the LCM of given numbers by finding out the least common multiple of these numbers. Interpreting Tables – This quiz allows the student to read and interpret the given tables and answer the given question as per the given scenario. 


 Addition and Multiplication with decimals :

Addition and multiplication with decimals are not as tricky but it requires paying attention to the positioning of decimals as it can change the entire answer. These quizzes help students practice decimal addition and multiplication and teach the correct positioning of decimals. Students are encouraged to refer to the answer key for better practice.


 Ratio and Proportions :

As studied in the earlier classes, ratio compares the amount of one item to another and the equation where two ratios are set equal to each other is known as proportion. Both of these concepts hold great importance not only in terms of academics but for regular life as well. Attempting this quiz would be a great help for the students to master the concept and learn new ways of calculating ratios and proportions. 


 Order of Operations :

This quiz requires implementing the understanding of performing the operations in the order i.e. Bracket off, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction.


Quadratic equation 

Once you learn the quadratic equation and understand its concept, trust us there is nothing more exciting than solving these complex yet engaging equations. This particular quiz requires understanding the method of representing data and roots on the graph consisting of the x and y-axis and finding the root of the given equation. However, as this quiz might be a little tricky and harder to understand at first, we encourage the guardians and teachers to explain the entire concept to the students until they are able to attempt the quiz all by themselves. 


 Interest and Wages 

 Lastly, one of the most important topics that students will get to use in their daily lives in the future is the calculation of simple and compound interest as well as wages. Hence these interactive quizzes allow you to attempt them as many times as you want and get a grip on the concept. The idea of introducing these interactive quizzes is to make the students proficient in the mathematical calculations without having to worry about the charges as our free interactive math quizzes for 6th grade do not require any kind of fee.


Building a student’s interest and confidence in a topic like math is not an easy task, though the quiz games available at Math Play 4 Kids make it much easier! Quiz games are provided at a variety of levels and are an excellent resource for teachers, parents, and tutors alike to help students expand their understanding of essential math topics. Through the quiz games available on the 6th Grade Quiz page, students will become more skillful in the following subject areas: exponents, square roots, algebra, money math, and tables. 


All the quiz games are free to access and are available to print, making them an easy addition to any lesson plan. Quizzes, such as the many exponents quizzes, will empower students to test their knowledge. Quiz games in this section include converting exponents to and from standard forms, as well as the working with powers game. After completing a few of these quizzes and learning from any mistakes, students will feel like they have the power to keep learning! Students can carry their momentum from practicing exponents to the exciting square root games! These games can be completed in a timely manner for those who have just been introduced to the subject. Teachers can also have some fun with these tests by setting a time limit and testing students to see how quickly they can complete the questions as well! A multitude of quizzes are also available that focus on one of the more difficult mathematical concepts, algebra. 


From practicing order of operations, an essential tool for algebra, to completing addition with decimals, students will be encouraged to take their time and show their work with the quiz games. Building up from these concepts, students can also practice solving quadratic equations and working on simultaneous equations. Games are also available to quiz students on essential concepts of money at the 6th grade level. For example, students can play with calculating wages, and determine associated compound and simple interest. 


The money quiz games are a fantastic practice to help students develop their adding, subtracting, and multiplication skills, as well as introduce them to valuable real-world information. Learners will develop their research and analytical skills with the quizzes for mathematical tables. 

>Not only will students be able to fill in charts and tables with numerical content, but they will also be able to challenge their interpretation of the information in the tables themselves. The quizzes will build a student’s stamina with science as a whole! The quiz games are a great addition to a teaching plan for learners at the 6th grade level. All the quizzes are printable and free to use, and can be a significant resource for any parent, tutor, or teacher to enhance their lesson plans. If you are sharing the quiz games, we ask that you please credit Mathplay4kids and link back to our website where possible.