Interactive Math Quizzes for Grade 6

convert exponents to standard forms


Find The Square Root

Greatest Common Factor

Inequalities - Pre-algebra

Interpreting Tables

Multiplication Of Decimals

Order Of Operations

Pre-Algebra Addition With Decimals


Quadratic Equation

Simultaneous Equations

The Lowest Common Multiple

compound interest

Compound Interest Monthly

simple interest


Building a student’s interest and confidence in a topic like math is not an easy task, though the quiz games available at Math Play 4 Kids make it much easier! Quiz games are provided at a variety of levels and are an excellent resource for teachers, parents, and tutors alike to help students expand their understanding of essential math topics. Through the quiz games available on the 6th Grade Quiz page, students will become more skillful in the following subject areas: exponents, square roots, algebra, money math, and tables. All the quiz games are free to access and are available to print, making them an easy addition to any lesson plan. Quizzes, such as the many exponents quizzes, will empower students to test their knowledge. Quiz games in this section include converting exponents to and from standard forms, as well as the working with powers game. After completing a few of these quizzes and learning from any mistakes, students will feel like they have the power to keep learning! Students can carry their momentum from practicing exponents to the exciting square root games! These games can be completed in a timely manner for those who have just been introduced to the subject. Teachers can also have some fun with these tests by setting a time limit and testing students to see how quickly they can complete the questions as well! A multitude of quizzes are also available that focus on one of the more difficult mathematical concepts, algebra. From practicing order of operations, an essential tool for algebra, to completing addition with decimals, students will be encouraged to take their time and show their work with the quiz games. Building up from these concepts, students can also practice solving quadratic equations and working on simultaneous equations. Games are also available to quiz students on essential concepts of money at the 6th grade level. For example, students can play with calculating wages, and determine associated compound and simple interest. The money quiz games are a fantastic practice to help students develop their adding, subtracting, and multiplication skills, as well as introduce them to valuable real-world information. Learners will develop their research and analytical skills with the quizzes for mathematical tables. Not only will students be able to fill in charts and tables with numerical content, but they will also be able to challenge their interpretation of the information in the tables themselves. The quizzes will build a student’s stamina with science as a whole! The quiz games are a great addition to a teaching plan for learners at the 6th grade level. All the quizzes are printable and free to use, and can be a significant resource for any parent, tutor, or teacher to enhance their lesson plans. If you are sharing the quiz games, we ask that you please credit Mathplay4kids and link back to our website where possible.