Math Worksheets for 6th grade

Worksheets On Addition For Year 5 Students

Addition of millions

Addition subtraction fact families

Addition whole numbers

Addition word problems

Additon puzzle

Decimal addition

Decimal numbers addition

Millions addition

Missing value addition

Multiple addends addition three

Whole numbers addition


How to do addition in algebra

practice division in algebra

Expression Evaluation in algebra 

What is expression evaluation ? 

Algebra inequalities expression

Algebra inequalities expression 1

Algebra multiplication problems

Subtraction in algebra with decimals

Word problems with algebra

Determine variable equation

Determine variable equation 1

Workshees On  Division Grade 6 

Advanced division with remainder

Circle drill division

Complete division operations

Fraction convertion to decimal  

Convert from fraction to decimal

Table drill division with remainders

Division vertically arranged

Division whole by decimal numbers

Division whole numbers with decimals

Division word problems

Fraction division

Fraction division whole numbers

Missing value division

Word division problems

Fraction-decimals cool math worksheets 6th grade

Color grid to represent fractions

Common denominator fraction multiplication

Compare equivalent fractions

Compare improper fractions

Compare proper fractions

Convert decimals to fractions

Convert fractions to decimals

Convert number percentage to decimals

Equivalent fractions

Equivalent three fractions

Fraction addition word problems

Fraction colored area

Fraction division by whole numbers

Fraction multiplication

Fraction multiplication by whole numbers

Fraction multiplication word problems

Fraction subtraction mixed

Fractions word problems subtraction

Improper fraction addition

Improper fraction multiplication

Improper fraction subtraction

Number line decimals

Order decimals greatest least

Order decimals least to greatest

Percentage word problems

Probabilities expressed in decimal

Probabilities expressed in fractions

Probabilities percentage

Simplifying improper fractions

Simplifying proper fractions

Whole numbers divided by fractions

Word problems on percentage

Worksheets On Geometry For Year 5 Students

Angles types measures

Bar graph on favorite subjects

Celsius fahrenhiet conversion

Circle area circumferences

Coordinates on single quadrand graph

Draw movie bar graph

Fahrenheit celsius conversion

Find coordinates of point on lines

Four quadrand graph plane

Line graph on sales

Line graph on school distance

Place cartesian coordinates points

Plot lines on graph plane

Points on single quadrand graph

Polygons area calculation

Polygons perimeter area calculation

Pythagorean theorem

Money Math Worksheets For Kids

Consumer math

Consumer math problems

Consumer math problems 2

Counting money coins

Counting money bills

Hourly wages calculation

Large amounts money words

Money shopping problems

Money word problems

Percentage of money

Salary calculation

Shopping problems

Shopping problems 2

Simple interest calculation

Wages calculation

Write money in words

6th Grade Multiplication math worksheets

Greatest common factor

Lowest common multiple

How to find numbers multiples  

Apply multiplication within boxes 

Multiplication drill in circles

Multiplication facts with answers  

Multiplication mixed operations with properties

Multiplication word problems

Multiplying numbers by decimals

Prime numbers

Table drill multiplication

Whole number times decimals

Worksheets On Numbers For year 5

Biggest number in groups

Comparing numbers

Expanding numbers millions

Exponent of numbers


Find even numbers in groups

Find median

Find mode

Find odd numbers in groups

Find smallest biggest number millions

Find the mean

Number comparing millions

Number pattern counting

Numbers in words up to millions

Numbers word names

Place value decimals

Place value million

Scientific notation

Smallest number in group

Standard of expanded numbers

Standard of numbers place value

Write from words to digits

Write roman in arabic numbers

Grade 6 Subtraction Math Worksheets

Decimal numbers subtraction

Hidden value subtraction

Hidden value subtraction regrouping

Millions subtraction

Subtraction addition mixed

Subtraction multiple operations

Subtraction of decimal numbers

Subtraction of numbers

Subtraction of whole numbers

Subtraction to make sum

Subtration word problems

Whole numbers subtraction

Free 6th Grade Math Worksheet, Addition whole numbers and puzzle PDF, Free Algebra worksheet equations. Here you can find grade 6 worksheets on addition whole numbers, word problems.