Interactive Math Quizzes for Grade 5

convert exponents to standard forms


Find The Square Root

Greatest Common Factor

Inequalities - Pre-algebra

Interpreting Tables

Multiplication Of Decimals

Order Of Operations

Pre-Algebra Addition With Decimals


Quadratic Equation

Simultaneous Equations

The Lowest Common Multiple

compound interest

Compound Interest Monthly

simple interest


The 5th Grade Quiz page features a number of math games in the form of quizzes that expose students to math problems and challenges in an engaging way. Incorporating the quiz games into a learning plan is easy. Teachers, tutors, and parents can utilize the quizzes to supplement existing lesson plans or to structure new ones. The resources available provide teachers with more time to focus on teaching, while still ensuring that students effectively learn important math concepts. The quiz games, which are free to print and access, explore the following subjects at the fifth-grade level: money math, tables, exponents, square roots, and algebra. Most fifth graders may not yet have a wage; however, most will have an allowance. 


They can practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing that allowance in fun money math quiz games! Students can apply their existing tool set of math operations to real-world scenarios that focus on spending and earning money. The quiz games pertaining to money also introduce students to the concept of taxes, so they can gain a better understanding of the world beyond the classroom while also improving their math skills. The scientist will come alive in the students as they approach the table and chart games. With these game quizzes, students can practice organizing information into tables and charts correctly. They will also be tested on interpreting and analyzing the data in front of them. 


Heightening these math skills will enhance their natural research skills and supplement their curiosity, allowing them to participate in the broader practice of science. Essential concepts of square roots and exponents can also be tested. Square root games are provided at a variety of levels, so teachers can provide students with an appropriate level of difficulty and increase that challenge as they see fit. The same is true for the exponent games, which focus on testing a student’s understanding of working with powers. One of the most challenging pieces of the math toolkit, algebra, is made fun and simplified for learners. With the algebra quiz games, students can take their time and thoughtfully show their process for solving complex order of operations problems, addition with decimals, and working with multiple equations simultaneously. 


The quiz games help students visualize the entire algebraic process and become stronger at the subject, in turn building their confidence. The 5th grade quiz games available through Math Play 4 Kids are an excellent addition to math lesson plans for fifth graders. All the quizzes are printable and free to use, and can save teachers, tutors, and parents ample time in developing effective and engaging lesson plans. If you are sharing the quiz games, we ask that you please credit Mathplay4kids and link back to our website where possible.