Interactive Math Quizzes for Grade 4

Angles - Types OF Angles

Area Of Complex Figures

Calculate The Volume Of A Cone

Complementary And Supplementary Angles

Congruent Shapes

find the area of a circle

Find The Area Of A Parallelogram

Find The Area Of A Scalene Triangle

find the area of a trapezoid

Find The Area Of A Triangle

find the area of equilateral triangles

Find The Area Of Isosceles Triangles

Find The Area Of Rectangles

Find The Circumference Of Circles

Find The Perimeter Of A Parallelogram

Find The Perimeter Of Complex Figures

Find The Perimeter Of Equilateral Triangles

Find The Perimeter Of Right Triangles

Find The Surface Area Of A Cone

Find The Surface Area Of Cylinders

Find The Volume Of Cubes

Find the volume of shapes

Pythagorean Theorem

With over 30 math game quizzes available at the 4th Grade level, Math Play 4 Kids is a superb resource to find challenging and engaging exercises for your students. As a teacher, tutors, or parent, you can incorporate the math games into your routine learning plans to build your students’ or child’s confidence in the subject, while also enhancing their interest in the learning process. The math quiz games available at the 4th grade level go beyond simply learning how to add and subtract, they also help students work on their recognition of shapes, calculation of complex area, and determination of triangle types. 


 With the numerous math games available, learners can enjoy interactive quizzes on many topics such as calculating area, finding the circumference of circles, measuring angles, practicing math volume, and calculating the perimeter of complex figures. Enjoyable quiz games to calculate area and volume offer ample space for students to work through problems visually. In addition, students can put their knowledge of volume and area to the test using the cube diagram games and quizzes that focus on calculating the area and volume of 3D images. The interactivity of the quizzes will teach students how to convert ideas and concepts in their mind onto paper and allow them to build upon what they already know. Additionally, the artistically drawn shapes in the area and volume quizzes can enable students to develop their calculating expertise while they color. 


The quiz games will end up feeling more like a craft than a learning exercise, while continuing to enhance students’ math skills. This is a win for teachers and students! Other interactive quiz games include calculating the perimeter of triangles, cones, and more shapes. The quiz games help students build not only their math skills, but also a significant knowledge of shape names. Fourth grade learners will benefit from the quiz games provided by Math Play 4 Kids as they allow students to learn in a playful way. The quiz games are a free resource that any teacher, parent, or tutor can depend upon as an effective part of their lesson plans. The quiz games can be incorporated to help prepare students for additional testing and enhance their self-confidence in the subject in a non-competitive way. Feel free to use the quiz games at your leisure. If you are sharing the quiz games, we ask that you please credit Mathplay4kids and link back to our website where possible.