Interactive Math Quizzes for Grade 3

Add Thousands To Millions Quiz

addition of four three digit numbers

addition word problems up to 3 digits

Venn Diagram Representations

addition of decimal numbers

comparison of decimals

Decimal Number Illustrated

Order Decimals From Least To Greatest

Subtraction Of Decimals Quiz

Divide Numbers By Five

Division Of Four Digit Numbers

Division OF Numbers By One

Division OF Numbers By Three

Division OF Numbers By Two

Division Of Three Digit Numbers With Remainders

Division With Pictures Quiz

Word Problems With Division

Illustrated Introduction To Division With Equal Groups

evaluate expressions with given values

find missing variables in expressions - division

Solve For Missing Variables - Addition

Solve For Missing Variables - Subtraction

Divide And Estimate To The Nearest Ten

round to the nearest thousands place

Rounding Numbers To The Nearest Ten On A Number Line

rounding up numbers to the nearest hundred

Adding Mixed Fractions

Addition Of Fractions With Common Denominators

circle graphs

Compare Two Fractions With Large Numerators - Denominators

Comparison of Improper Fractions

Comparison Of Mixed Fractions

Convert Fractions To Ratios

Convert Ratios to Fractions

Converting Decimals To Fractions

Converting Fractions To Decimals Quiz

Divide Fractions By Whole Numbers

Divide Fractions quiz

Division of Mixed Fractions By Mixed Fractions

Finding Denominators Of Equivalent Fractions

Finding The Numerators Of Equivalent Fractions

Fractions Illustrated With 100 Squares

Fractions On Bar Graphs

Multiplication Of Mixed Fractions

Multiplication Of Two Fractions

Multiply Fractions With Common Denominators

Multiply Whole Numbers By Fractions

Percentage Of Numbers

Simplifying Fractions Quiz

Subtraction Fractions Quiz

Subtraction Of Mixed Fractions

The Percentage Of Money Values


complete addition-subtraction-division-multiplication problems

Missing Operators In Expressions

Multiple Operations Involving Whole Numbers

addition of money values - usd

Money - Price List Quiz

money - subtraction of us dollars

Money And Shopping List Quiz

Match Multiplication Expressions

Multiplication Facts up To Ten - Find Missing Numbers

Multiply By Five

Multiply By Four

Multiply By one

Multiply By Six

multiply by ten

multiply by three

multiply by two

multiply by zero

Multiply Table Up To 10

Squares Of Numbers Up To 10

comparisons-multi-step inequalities

Even And Odd Numbers

even or odd numbers - adding or subtracting

Number Sequences

Ordinal And Cardinal Numbers

Roman Numerals

spelling numbers up to thousands

Arrange From Greatest To Smallest Place Value Quiz

Place Value - Expanded And Standard Forms

Place Value Up To Hundred Thousand

Subtraction Of Four Digit Numbers

Subtraction Of Two Digit Numbers

Subtraction Of Two From Three Digit Numbers

Subtraction word problems up to hundreds

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Investing in your child or student’s math development has never been easier. Math Play 4 Kids offers a series of quiz games at the 3rd Grade level to help students excel at their math skills while having fun. The math games, which are all free to access and available to print, provide a resource for students to practice and improve in the following areas: addition, decimals, subtraction, division, and much more. Learners will be challenged by the quizzes to add numbers in the thousands with numbers in the millions, add multiple 3-digit numbers together, and add decimals with other decimals. Students will also feel supported throughout the learning process as the quizzes are formatted to provide ample room for showing work and learning. Decimals will further be investigated in quiz games that illustrate decimal numbers using graphs, and let students draw out decimals from least to greatest and vice versa. The quizzes all offer variances in formatting that go above and beyond what can be found in traditional textbooks. The division quizzes, for example, are presented in visual formats where students can divide using picture aides. As well, word puzzles challenge the minds of students even further by enhancing their comprehension along with their math capabilities. By the end of the quizzes, students will be better able to divide numbers by 1, 2, and 3, understand how to divide using remainders, and so much more. Further quiz games are also available that provide space for students to practice solving for missing variables, rounding to the nearest tenth, hundredth or thousandth, as well as playfully identifying the nearest ten on a number line. Quizzes that pertain to more challenging concepts, such as fractions, are also available and can save teachers ample time in developing an effective development plan. Many quizzes are available that test converting fractions to ratios and converting decimals to and from fractions. Students will not tire of the more difficult content either as the games come in a variety of formats, such as written puzzles and illustrations of math concepts. Real world skills are also developed with the money games. Students can improve their adding and subtracting skills while pretending to grocery shop, utilizing life-like images of bills to make the game more real. The quiz games are an ideal addition to help students at the 3rd grade level grow their skillset and become more excited to learn. All the quizzes are printable and free to use, and can be a significant resource for any parent, tutor, or teacher to supplement gaps in learning and diversify their lesson plans. If you are sharing the quiz games, we ask that you please credit Mathplay4kids and link back to our website where possible.