Interactive Math Quizzes for Grade 2

Add 3 To 2 Digit Numbers

Addition Of 3 And 4 Numbers

Addition Of Three Digit Numbers To One Digit Numbers

addition of three digit numbers with carrying

Addition Of Two Three Digit Numbers

Balancing Addition Equations

Comparing Numbers Above 1000

counting and ordering numbers up to 1000

Division Quiz - Basic Skills

add and estimate to the nearest ten

Round Up Numbers To Nearest Thousand

Round Up Numbers To Nearest 10

compare two fractions

Fractions Word Problems

Calculate the Perimeter Of Shapes

Find The Area Of Shapes

Bar Graph Interpretation

Bar Graph Interpretation With Pictures

Coordinate Graphs - Find Position Of Objects

Linear Graph

Add, Subtract And Make Numbers Up To 20

Addition And Subtraction Balancing Equations

Balance Mixed - Operation Problems

Find Missing Signs In An Equation

Ways to Make Numbers Adding And Subtracting

Word Problems With Mixed Operations

counting money - dollar notes

Count Equal Groups Of Shapes

illustrated multiplication quiz

Multiplication Expressions With Pictures

Multiplication table - up to 10

Names Of Numbers Up To 100

Convert Between Place Values With Numbers Up To 1000's

Convert Expanded To Standard Forms Up To Thousands

Place of Digits In Numbers Up To Hundreds

Place Value Up To Thousands

subtract two from 3 digit numbers

Relate time units - hours, minutes, seconds, days

This page offers challenging math activities for young learners. These short quiz-style games offer unique opportunities for 2nd graders to practice the various skills they’ve learned in class in the form of a low-risk, high-reward format. Students can find quiz games involving addition, including the addition of 3 and 2, 3 and 4, 3 and 1, and 3 and 3 digits. They can practice addition with and without carrying, as well as balancing equations. They may compare numbers above 100, or count and order numbers up to 1000. It offers practice in basic division skills, adding and estimating to the nearest tenth, and rounding up numbers to the nearest tenth or thousandth. Students can compare two fractions, solve fraction word problems, and calculate the areas and perimeters of shapes. There are quizzes on interpreting bar graphs (both with and without pictures, depending on the students’ learning levels), finding the position of objects on a coordinate plane, interpreting linear graphs, and adding, subtracting, and making numbers up to 20. Students can add and subtract balancing equations, and balanced mixed-operation problems. 


 Additionally, students and teachers alike can access quiz-games involving problems as simple as finding the missing sign in an equation, to as complex as word problems with mixed operations. Have students practice counting money, counting equal groups of shapes, and participate in illustrated multiplication quizzes. Have them name numbers up to 100 and convert between place values for numbers up to 1000. There are also several opportunities to convert expanded to standard form, determine place value up to the thousands, and relate time units. As you can see, there are a variety of opportunities for you as a teacher to take advantage of to support these valuable mathematical concepts in your students. Each quiz offers the opportunity for students to practice these skills while all the while feeling as though they’re playing a fun game. Each one allows students to view their score, along with the amount of time taken to achieve that result. These quizzes are accessible for all levels of learning, and involve fun, hands-on math games and activities. Take advantage of this free opportunity to support math learning concepts across the entire 2nd grade. this activity is freely offered and it will be so much apreciated if you link back to our website.