Interactive Math Quizzes for Grade 1

Addition of one

Addition of two

Addition of three

Addition of three numbers

Addition of four

Addition of five

Addition of doubles

Addition Excercise

Addition based on words

Addition of zeros

Addition of multiples of 10

Compare Numbers Up To 100

Comparing Numbers Up To 10

Comparison Word Problems

Count By Twos, Threes, Fives And Tens Quiz

Counting Forward And Backwards

Counting On A Hundred Chart

Even and odd numbers

Is the number of squares even or odd

Number lines

Ordinal numbers

Number Sequences

Roman numerals

Spelling Numbers

Estimate The Number Of Shapes - Objects

Identify fractions from shapes

Graph data interpretation

Graph data interpretation

appropriate metric unit for length

Reading A Thermometer In Fahrenheit

Reading Temperatures In Degrees Celsius

The Unit Of Weight For Objects

10 more or less problems

adding and subtracting while making numbers

Addition And Subtraction Problems - True Or False

Which Sign Makes The Equation Correct

express currency values in words

Writing Numbers As Tens And Ones

Mean - Mode - Median

Shapes - Everyday Objects

Symmetry Of Objects

Putting Numbers In Order - Greatest To Least

Subtract 1 From Numbers

Subtract And Find Missing Numbers

Subtraction Of One From Two Digit Numbers

subtraction of two digit numbers

Subtraction Related Facts

Subtraction word problems

Subtraction word problems2

Days OF The Week

months of the year

Reading A Calendar

The Kindergarten quiz page comes with a multitude of math quizzes to help children learn more effectively. With interactive features, lively visual imagery, and percentage grades, kindergarten students will have fun while learning new concepts. Teachers, parents, or students will find the quizzes easy to access and navigate and will enjoy the quizzes as a supplemental educational tool. Quiz topics range from addition, fractions, graphs, subtraction, counting, spelling numbers, typing numbers, skip counting, and telling time. Addition quizzes feature addition of doubles up to 10, addition of numbers with pictures up to 10, addition of one to others up to 10, addition sentences with pictures up to 10, addition sentences up to 10, addition sentences with pictures, addition of sums to 20, and addition of 2 numbers. Students can also take quizzes on identifying fractions and matching fractions with pictures. More options include graphs with pictures, comparing numbers from smallest to largest, counting blocks up to 30, spelling numbers up to 10 or beyond 20, typing in numbers up to 10, and typing in missing numbers. Further available for counting practice are counting tally marks to 10, counting tally marks or objects beyond 20, counting charts up to 100, counting blocks up to 30, and counting forward or down to 10. More fun counting quizzes include skip counting by twos, by fives, or by tens. Subtraction quizzes cover completing subtraction sentences up to 5, subtraction expressions with pictures up to 5 or 10, subtraction with shapes up to 10, word problems, subtracting 1 from other numbers up to 10, and subtracting 2 from numbers up to 10.


 Kindergarten students or nursery school children can also be introduced to telling time. Time quizzes demonstrate differences between AM and PM and which activities might happen during the day or night. They further teach how to read the hands of analog clocks and how to read the faces of digital clocks. Quizzes available on the page include telling time to learn about AM and PM, telling time to the hour, telling time on electronic clocks, typing in the correct time answer, and typing in the time in seconds. The quizzes display colorful, illustrative images to maintain the attention of Kindergarteners effectively. Students will enjoy counting fish, balloons, teddy bears, viewing graphs with bikes, subtraction with apples, basketballs, and more. Each quiz is accessible by clicking the 'Play now' button below the quiz preview image. Titles and instructions on the quizzes make them easy to navigate. The quizzes contain up to 10 questions and provide scored percentages at the end. An option to print the results of the quiz is displayed at the end as well. With so many options, the Kindergarten quiz page is the perfect one-stop-shop for all Kindergarten math needs and for the mastery of essential math skills. With some parental help or teacher assistance, students will love the self-practice through the interactive quizzes either in the classroom or when distance learning from home.