Free Math Worksheet For Grade 1

Free 1st Grade Addition Worksheet PDF

Learn how to add 3 to numbers

How to add 4 to numbers worksheet pdf

Practice addition by adding 5 to a numbers

Multiple additio  sentence operations for year 1

Solve addition of objects such as fruits,phones

Addition with pictures worksheets pdf

summing up objects images up to 10

Double digits Addition worksheets for grade 1 pdf

Addition without regrouping worksheets

Addition subtraction worksheets pdf

Double digits addition with regrouping

Single digit addition sentences

Find the missing value in the addition sentences

No regrouping addition worksheet pdf

Match addition operations with answers

Addition and subtraction matching with answers

Addition with subtraction involved

Addition with carry over printable pdf

Addition with carrying worksheets pdf

Find the sum of 2 numbers with carry over

Counting Worksheets Preschool And Grade 1

Ordering numbers from least to greatest

Ordering numbers from least to greatest

Find the biggest number in the group

Find and circle even numbers in each group

Find and circle the odd numbers in each group

Count candies in the jare

Count and circle the odd or even numbers result

Count and circle the even numbers result

Count how many and circle odd or even

Arrange numbers in descending order

Cut and paste the missing number

Sort numbers in a decreasing order

Paste the missing numbers in the gaps

Fill the gaps with missing numbers

Compare by More, less or equal

Try this Before and after number game

Write the numbers before and after

Write the opposite of numbers

Ordering Numbers from greatest to least

Ordering numbers from least to greatest

Sorting numbers from greatest to least

Skip counting by 2 worksheet pdf

Find the smallest and biggest number

Find the Smallest number in each group

Shapes, Money And Graphs Worksheets

Worksheets on counting money 

Adding coins printable worksheetpdf

Basic bar graph reading worksheet

Lean the value of Canadian coins

Lean the value of Canadian coins

Learn the values of US coins

Bar graph worksheet 2nd grade

Bar graph worksheet 2nd grade

Identify polygons 1

Count sides and name the polygons

Count Polygons sides and name them

Count Polygons sides and name them

Fraction Worksheets 1st Grade

Write the fraction of the colored surface

What is the fraction of the colored area

write the fraction of the colored area

Fraction coloring worksheet

Numbers Worksheets For Preschool And Grade 1

Match numbers in word form

Solve math puzzle addition for grade 1

Addition math puzzle for kids year 1

Math puzzle with answers worksheet

Compare by using More, less and equal

Write numbers before and after each

Write the Opposite of numbers

Write what comes after each numbers

Write What number comes after

numbers before and after game

Write numbers that come before

Write What comes before

Write numbers that come before

Numbers Tracing Free PDF

Fill in the number sequence

Find missing number to fill the gap

Trace and write number 1 in word

Tracing and writing number 2

Trace and write number 3 in word

Trace and write 4 in words

Tracing and writing 5 in words

Tracing writing number 6 in words

Tracing and writing number 7 in words

Tracing and writing 8 in words

Tracing and writing number 9 in words

How to trace and write 10 in words

What number comes after in the box

What number comes after worksheet

Worksheet on What comes after pdf

Subtractions Worksheets 1st Grade

Match subtraction operations with answers

Subtracting 1,2,3,4,5,6 from numbers

Subtraction word problems pdf

Additio and subtraction worksheets

Subtraction multiple operations

Picture Illustrated Subtraction pdf

Basic subtraction operation grade 1

Subtraction with pictures

Subtraction multiple digits worksheet

Time Worksheets For Grade 1

Tell the time on the digital clock

write or trace days of the week

Read time and Draw clock hands

Write or trace Months of the year

Read digitial clock and write clock hands

What time is it in the analog clock

Read what time on digital clock

What time will it be in several minutes

Free Math Worksheet For Grade 1 | Addition and Substraction Worksheets. We provide free math worksheets for Grade 1. Here you can find grade 1 worksheets on basic addition, basic substraction, double digit addition and more. Welcome to the 1st Grade math worksheets page. Here, parents and educators will find an extensive collection of printable worksheets, with each coming in a downloadable PDF format for easy access. The included work pages are useful as test sheets or homework assignments for classrooms or homeschool environments. Worksheets range from beginner materials to more advanced subjects. Answer sheets accompany the more complex exercises. 1st Grade Worksheet For Free | Addition for 1st grade worksheets. Free Math Worksheet For Grade 1 | Addition and Substraction Worksheets. We provide free math worksheets for Grade 1. Here you can find grade 1 worksheets on basic addition. The 1st-grade page contents further contain worksheets for learning numbers, number tracing, addition, subtraction, telling time, fractions, bar graphs, days of the week, coin values, and identifying shapes. Additional topics cover counting and numbers, spatial sense, number sequences, progressions, word problems, and more. The colorful and highly illustrated nature of the worksheets is advantageous for educators to engage students. Included are also visual worksheets that use pictures such as fruit, pencils, or phones to exemplify operations. Addition, subtraction, two-digit addition with regrouping, counting odd or even numbers, more-less-equal to, coin values, and shape naming incorporate visual images for easier learning. 


Complex exercises include addition with regrouping double-digit numbers, addition sentences without regrouping, and addition and subtraction of mixed operations. Beginner word problems are also present to introduce to new learners. Answer sheets are attached to all of these exercises. Fun graphic activities are further available. For example, the page offers math puzzles, matching numbers to words, finding missing numbers in groups, filling in missing dots to add and subtract, coloring fractions, and reading time on digital or analog clocks. Students can also enjoy visual activities such as 'Count the Candies in the Jar,' counting and circling odd or even images of fruits and vegetables, and comparing bowls with goldfish to indicate if they are more, less, or equal to one another. Games such as filling in the missing numbers in a number sequence, arranging numbers in ascending or descending order, and reading bar graphs of favorite ice cream flavors and snacks are also available for an enjoyable learning experience. For more practice, students can try 'Before and After' pages, which allow them to learn to write the numbers that come before and after a specific digit. They can work with number lines and plotting opposite numbers. There are also additional worksheets for learning and writing days of the week and months of the year. With numerous activities and worksheets available, the 1st-grade math page comes equipped to meet any unique learning circumstance. Please give them a click and see which one works best for your students. Click on the 'Open' button below each worksheet on the page to access, download, and print with ease. Teachers and institutions can freely share the worksheet links on any platform. However, please make sure to credit and link back to our website.