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Zombie Cool Math Games For Kids In Grade 1 to 6th Grade | This is a zombie vs math game, where the chasses a character that is controles by a mouse or a finger by the playing who trying to solve a math question. This game is very fun to play by kids, given that it teaches how to focus on more than one object at the time. Zombie Math game is the best way to practice mental math and escape zombies all at once! Easy to play and designed to be played by students in grade 1 to 6, Zombie Math offers a zombie infested playground where students can practice a range of mental equations. Different difficulties and a mix of modes will be focused on additions and subtractions, multiplication and division, number patterns, and mixed equations. Players are placed into the role of a character escaping zombies and given full control of movement. As the player uses their mouse to guide the character away from zombie enemies, they must complete quick mathematical problems to complete the game, such as 7 + 5 = ? for addition, or 63 - ? – 71 – 75 for number patterns, and so on. Gather Boosts and power ups along the way to increase your speed and efficiency! Completing these mathematical problems while being chased by the undead is the greatest way to sharpen mental math skills with the necessity of quick thinking. Easy to play for anyone looking to practice math and prepare for mental math tests or exercises. Fun for kids or adults and totally free! Every player is guaranteed to be a mental math, zombie surviving expert in no time! Play now!

Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplications